‘I ran away from home to become a prostitute’ – 16-yr-old girl

The teenage commercial sex worker
» who is now a mother, spoke to OAK TV on how her parent’s insistence on her marrying
the older man made her
abandon home and fled to the notorious Bayan Gari, a slum in Bauchi metropolis tucked behind the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium, notorious for prostitution, cheap sex, alcohol, and miscreants.
The teenager revealed to the interviewer how she started the profession two years ago and she had a baby for one of her customers in the process.

Read excerpts of the
interview here:

“What is your baby’s name?

Her name is Rukaya.

Do you take your baby with
you when you go to your
family house?

Yes, I take my baby when I go home.

Where is the baby’s father?

My baby’s father is in Azare (a local government area in Bauchi State)

Does he provide financial support for the baby?

Yes, he gives me money to care for the baby.

How old are you?

I am 16-years-old.

When did you begin this sex trade?

I started this profession two years ago.

Why did you go into it?

I started this because I was being forced into a marriage
I had no interest in.

How old was the man they wanted you to marry?

The man was over 40-years-old.

Did you attend primary or secondary school?

No, I am not educated.

Why did you leave your family home?

I left home because it wasn’t in my interest to get married to that man.

Now that you are here, do you pray?

Yes. I observe the five times daily prayers. And I fast too.

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Do you stay here during the fasting period?

During the fasting period, I go back to my family house
and join them in the fast. I just returned from my family house yesterday.

Do you also engage in the sex trade when you get back home?

No, I don’t, until I get back here.

How many men can you have sex with in a day?

I have sex with three men in a day.
How much do you charge?
Short time is N500, while all-night is N5,000.”

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